​​​​​​​Research Interests

The backbone of my research is the production planning and control process in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) projects. This system acts as vital part of projects as it processes information from multiple agents and delivers plans that drive design, construction, and supply chain activities. The theoretical support for my research is the developing body of knowledge called Lean Construction, which borrows from theories developed in manufacturing settings. Researchers have been working to develop this unique theory of production in construction which enables the analysis of AEC systems taking into account its peculiarities, and the need to adapt and develop concepts, principles, and tools to suit the project-based environment in which the AEC develops its work.
Along these lines, three main lines of inquiry have nurtured my recent work:
The study of how people learn from planning activities in AEC projects - This research aims to address how the planning and control system present in any AEC project supports and sustains learning. The study of collaboration within planning systems is also a major part of my current research.
The study of office-related activities in AEC projects - Addressing office-related activities from a production-system standpoint and how they affect the reliability of field operations is the focus of this research.
More recently, how the planning of activities and office-related tasks have changed with the use of Building Information Models (BIMs)

Grants Received at San Diego State University
Alves, T.C.L., Liu, M., and Scala, N. CII Research Team 362 - Collaborative Scheduling in Construction Projects. (link to project summary and deliverables)
Alves, T.C.L., Needy, K.L. (U. Ark.), Achieving Zero Rework through Effective Supplier Quality Practices (1-year extension). Construction Industry Institute, January 2015-December 2016 (link to project summary and deliverables)
Walsh, K.D., Alves, T.C.L., Needy, K.L. (U. Ark.), Achieving Zero Rework through Effective Supplier Quality Practices (Formerly: Proactive processes and practices to assure procured materials and equipment meet applicable requirements). Construction Industry Institute, October 2012-2014 Construction Industry Institute Research Team 308 - (link to publications, link to project summary and deliverables)
Alves, T.C.L. Promoting Careers in the Electrical Contracting Business through Student Chapter Engagement and Research on Energy Efficient Projects. ELECTRI Foundation - 2011 RFP. 7/2012-12/2013 (link)
Alves, T.C.L. Integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Construction Planning and Control. University Grants Program. 1/2012-6/2013
Alves, T.C.L.  Improving Project-based Systems: Banishing Waste from Office Activities. University Grants Program. 1/2010-6/2011

Grants Received at Universidade Federal do Ceará
Alves, T.C.L.  Investigation of the innovation process and innovation initiatives in the construction supply chain, 2008 – 2009, PI
Barros Neto, J.P. and Alves, T.C.L. Program to improve the quality of construction products and services contracted by the city of Fortaleza/CE (QUALIFOR), co-PI, 2007-2009
Barros Neto, J.P. and Alves, T.C.L. Management of construction companies and projects, co-PI, 2006-2009, variable funding from construction companies, projects are carried out on demand. 
Alves, T.C.L. Low-income housing value chains: investigation, modeling, and proposition of decision-making model based on computational simulation, PI, 2006 – 2009
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